Learn to inline skate during the new normal


Rollerskool and the New Normal


With COVID-19 freezing the whole world into a pandemic crisis, we at Rollerskool see the need to rapidly change to both survive and keep serving our loyal customers. Even when a pandemic hits, this does not mean our customers' needs disappear, its just that for the time being it is being substituted or postponed. For how long? Based on these past five months of adjusting, repackaging and pivoting our business products we have found that as long as the basic safety needs are met, there are opportunities for us to serve our customers better.. 


Here we illustrate how we are doing this and how you too can enjoy some of the products we have available to you: 


  • Private Classes 

Rollerskool’s private classes have surged in popularity gaining traction towards the exclusive market where the coaches come to the customers location. This might seem counter productive to COVID protocols until the terms and conditions are further explained. 


In this class we come full with masks, face shields and gloves limiting our potential contact with our customers. Plus we make sure that we keep a safe distance and replace any components of the class with safe distancing measures. This way our classes are fully manageable while being physical distancing appropriate. 


  • Small group classes 

We provide small group classes where participants are limited to a number of people where we can provide safe classes based on the COVID protocol and the participants are consistent. We do not take customers who come in and out. The customers have to commit to a certain amount of sessions that are decided in advance. 


  • Fully Online Tutorials 

We fully understand that some parents do not wish to risk any possibility of exposure at all. That is why we have created a fully online course where parents will be given the essentials on how to teach inline skating to a child. This way parents can be assured that they are providing the best protection and exposure to new skills, they can provide. 


We at Rollerskool believe that learning a new skill such as learning to inline skate it improves not only our overall mood, it help with improving our immune system and it give the opportunity to part take in a positive and constructive activity. 


Contact Us by clicking on of the icons below to register to a class or click directly to the fully online tutorial to gain start you inline skate journey today.  

All Online Tutorial - Smart Skate Parent Program

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